Social Change
Foundation For Generational Wealth

The Vision

Our vision is to align local non-profits (in Washington state to start) that focus on bettering the lives of communities of color to partner with us in providing requirements for building new applications, known as Social Change Platforms. This will be done using the latest in blockchain (Web3), AI and Decentralized Identity (DID) technologies to build things like a revolutionary public sector-funded Blockchain Infrastructure Program and Tax Investment Platform (early vision summary here) that can completely transform our civic involvement processes as well as help to create billions in generational wealth for communities of color by turning your tax dollars into an investment, creating a Sovereign Wealth Fund in the blockchain. Introducing Web3 and the blockchain into our local civics will also help to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse by creating transparency and accountability into every public sector process (and many data-driven private sector processess). To help show what this can look like, see this proposal on how we can build Political and Economic Empowerment Pipelines to get young people of color involved in politics and OWNING their futures in this new space. It's all about control; and if you control your own financial source you control everything. That's why it's important to create ideas like building your own Black Wealth Fund - see this summary on our initial plans to do that here in Seattle. We are also in the process of trying to win a project with the Tibetan Government in Exile (in North India); see our summary proposal on how we'll bring advanced tech like DIDs, advanced algorithms and database services to the people of Tibet; which can be built into a localized Web3 + DID template for any community to use for analyzing their needs, creating 1:1 custom services delivery in an efficient manner and leveraging cloud and BI / analytics services to monitor progress and adapt to the changing needs of the people. It's all about community involvement in this effort, and getting black women more involved is key; which is why we plan to partner with groups like Black Girls Code, Sisters Talk Tech, Black in AI, POCIT (People of Color in Tech) and more. Because it matters who writes the code - it will be the same people who use it. And here's how we can build an App Buildout and Promotional Campaign for Social Change Platforms.

NOTE: I am looking for "young stars" in the Seattle area who want to learn about this technology and use it to transform their communities and futures in this country; reach out to me if you're interested. Watch this 2-minute video for an intro into Social Change Platforms concept and why it's important.
And check me out on The Day With Trae podcast speaking on Social Change Platforms (9 min. mark).

See this summary for a brief overview on the history of the web, as well as a technical overview of the products we are building: most notably a powerful and extensible DIDaaS (Decentralized Identity as a Service) platform that will empower both individuals and government entities to create a new level of transparency and accountability into nearly every public and private sector process: eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. It will also help level the playing field between consumer and corporate entity, bringing about a much higher level of digital (and thus creative) sovereignty for the individual in the Web3 world. See the Technology section below for more details on our products (Rules Engine, Profile Portability). And check out the brief overview or the technical summary of our initial product offering called TymeBoxx, a social media content consolidation and Generative AI platform being introduced via our Tech Partner Startup called Data Motus. You can also see how it fits into our 3-phase growth plan. This page will also give people a greater understanding of the power of Web 3 and Decentralized Identities.

Click here for an overview of the planned entities we plan to stand up, and how we'll use them to build Social Change Platforms. Also, to learn about the combined initiative of launching Social Change Platforms in Seattle and a non-profit partner entity called Black Lives Lead, see this One-Page Overview. You can also view this summary on the vision for having Black Lives Lead be out front on the community outreach effort and its commitment to women of color. Here you can find the Problem Statement, from DIDs to Social Change Platforms and Proof of Concept: DIDs and Verifiable Credentials one-pagers for a startup workshop held in Seattle recently. Also of note is to check out Catalyst 2030 and how this tech will help; see my detailed deck. Also, see this page on how we'll grow these services across the country.

The Potential

The solutions below are just some of the examples that can be built on this platform.

Health Marketplace

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Accountable Policing

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Election Reform

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Finance Reform

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Community App Buildout

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Accountable Policing Platform (The APP)

There needs to be a serious conversation around policing in this country and how it is harming communities of color. The Web3 world we are about to move into offers us the ability to have that conversation, one based on building a new level of transparency and accountability in critically important public sector-facing services like policing. The high-level overview presented here is just that; an overview to show people what's possible in this new world and how we can transform the conversation of policing in America. We'll work with both the police and the local community to build a 100% right-fit solution in every city that it's deployed, even turning it into a product that can be owned by the people, earning generational wealth as it's sold all around the world. Click on the APP Intro below to see the design ideas for the Accountable Policing Platform as well as the tech intro, app rollout, ownership and revenue-sharing models. Contact us for feedback or if you're interested in building this application for your community.

APP: Introduction

The Technology

The following info outlines the services and future products we will be releasing: 1) Decentralized Identity as a Service (DIDaaS) for web3 services; backwards compatibility to web2 platforms 2) Rules Engine as a Service (REaaS); import text as smart contracts at assembly level, inserted into your DID 3) Data scraping functionality (Twitter to start) for DID insertion and profile portability (platform to platform).

Blockchain Data Governance

The transparency and accountability of data life cycles within the blockchain, using open-source technology; the foundation upon which you build the Social Change Platforms.

Data Privacy (and Digital Asset) Legislation

Data protection laws for citizens which codifies their rights under the law; can also include digital asset legislation, similar to the state of Wyoming (i.e., SPDIs, certificate stock tokens).

Decentralized Digital Identities

Build data-privacy law-compliant digital identities, codifying the law statutes into your identity, thus empowering you digitally and securing your digital rights, via ETH-based smart contracts.

You can extend this concept into the financial sector via creating smart contract-based asset rules for managing a range of crypto-based assets (certificate stock tokens, a new data-for-crypto transference marketplace, etc.). Using these factors one can build a number of Social Change Platforms that are not only owned but also designed by the community (via a publicly-facing program management platform: sign up for projects/apps you want to be involved in). To see how we plan to launch these apps click here.

The Benefits

Increased Overall Quality-of-Life

With platforms like the Accountable Policing Platform, Pandemic Response App, Election Reform App, Physical Health Data Marketplace and more, the increased transparency and accountability in these socio-economic and political platforms can help to eliminate racism, discrimination, waste, fraud and abuse in several areas of their lives; including the financial sector (and by extension the FIRE sectors; top determinants in wealth generation). - Public Sector-based Generational Wealth via SWFs: through offering the many public sector-based Social Change Platforms via state-based buildout, the platforms can be resold to other states and nations that will generate significant wealth for the owners (the users / citizens, through issuance of certificate stock tokens), on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars (or stablecoin / crypto-based assets), when at full-sprint maturity.

Private-Sector-Based Data Monetization Services

Within the private sector we will eventually be able to empower the user to take control of the data monetization market; through their data privacy-law compliant DIDs THEY will become the gatekeepers of their own data, effectively turning off the money spicket to corporations and be able to self-monetize on all your own data (the data monetization business is projected to reach over $1 trillion / yr. by 2026). The monetization opportunities will eventually fall to the individual in our many data marketplaces we'll create; allowing for users to trade their data for discounts, advanced services or straight monetization opportunities via micro transactions on the blockchain. This is one of our end goals we'd like to achieve for every citizen.

Profile Portability

One other important point associated to DIDs to consider - especially ones built on the Decentralized Identity platform (i.e. running on an open, public, permissionless network that's blockchain agnostic) with no special tokens or trusted validators required - is the ability to lift up and port your DID profile (personal profile and platform-specific data) from one platform to another; thus greatly lowering the entry and exit criteria across applications, and vastly improving a user's power on the web and overall control of their digital lives (even introducing a new monetization market for profile portability; platforms competing over your profiles / offering better services, more transparency than a competitor; a race to the top, not the bottom).

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Please fill out the form below and let us know what Social Change Platform you would like to see built first (visit the PDF files in the The Vision section above for an intro on each platform).